Often Referred to as Potholing

This is an invaluable service for locating underground services and utilities confirming specific location and enabling access for maintenance and trouble shooting. Using ‘open hole’ type excavations for locating the existence of services is also referred to as 'Potholing' and it allows the operator/s to locate any underground services and utilities for maintenance or repair of pipes, conduits, cables or pits. Universal markers can be placed directly above the service which will indicate the type of service and the depth.

Another popular use for Potholing is using it to trace services and determine source, route and destination and information gathered is then used for correct service mapping. The non-destructive nature means that there is no risk of damage to the services as there would be with mechanical diggers. It is also far less messy and quicker.

Vacuum Potholing is the only way to positively identify a buried asset without any damage risk.

Don’t risk a strike!

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