A fast, safe, clean way to dig post holes. This particular service is a perfect example of how the benefits of the vacuum excavation process of removing all waste to a holding tank are massive. Virtually all post holes need to have the contents removed from site as hard fill and/or concrete needs to surround the posts. This is a service that can be utilised in many domestic and commercial and urban premises.

When there is a requirement to install things like light posts in parks and reserves, there is a high probability that there will be tree roots around the area. Vacuum excavation works around, under and over the roots to protect them. They are found without damaging them and apart from the post hole itself, any cable trenching can be completed with ease.

Other popular uses for this service are;

  • Roadside Business Signposts
  • Small Pylon Signs in front of businesses
  • Bollard Holes for Security and/or Building Damage Protection
  • Garden Light Poles in Body Corporate areas for pedestrian safety
  • Street Lights and Road Signs where there is likely to be multiple services underground

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