Service pits and underground ducts are high risk areas and even more so in that they are generally a confined space. Vacuum excavation is an extremely effective method for the cleaning of these whilst keeping the operators safe from accidents. As with other services, Vacuum excavators eliminate the risk of damaging services which allows works to be completed in many areas that conventional cleaning would be almost impossible and/or would take many man hours to complete.

Example projects that would benefit with a vacuum clean without an operator needing to enter any confined space would be;

  • Electrical and communication pits
  • Conduits
  • Storm water culverts
  • Sumps and gully’s of any description
  • Soak wells, service and utility pits
  • Inspection pits and pipework
  • New sewer pits and pipework

We also offer cleaning pits, gully boxes and storm water culvert cleaning.


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