There are many instances whereby access to an area is severely restricted but that is not a problem when using Vacuum Excavation Services Brisbane. It is common place now to see domestic situations with a narrow walkway down each side of the house that maybe even a wheelbarrow would have trouble. Provided a man can walk down the side to get access, we can do our vacuum excavations in the back yard or wherever else is required. This is because we only need to get the hose down to the project.

This is one of the most popular uses for our entire service list. We have great versatility in that the suction strength of our vacuum can horizontally draw up to 60 metres which allows us to get into most places. In worse case scenarios, it is not uncommon for a neighbour to allow us to access you backyard via their property. With machinery, that would be a tough ask, but all we have to do is walk over their land to get to yours and run a flexible vacuum pipe. No mess, no damage and no danger.

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