Regardless of size, we can clean out a drain effectively and economically using the units powerful hydrojet equipment. Whilst the debris is broken down under pressure it is vacuumed into the on-board holding tank unit for easy removal. Silt, scale, grease and built up incrustations can (and often do) minimise the steady flow through drain, storm water and sewer lines. We can quickly remove all of the build up before it completely blocks up which can cause untold damage back up the line.

This is an ideal cleaning option for storm water culverts as there in an absolute minimum of silt and scale that is washed down the line. Normal high pressure washing methods will only clean the specific area whilst all the rubbish runs further down the stormwater culvert to collect elsewhere. That also means that it will send large amounts of rubbish out to sea. The best way is the only way and that is .. Hydro Vacuum Removal and dump the waste in the designated place.



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