It is a regular problem of a pipes flow being restricted or is some case, completely blocked, by the build-up of dirt, scale, sands, and other debris. Once a build-up commences, it will grow quite quickly depending on the flow through rate. Vacuum excavation can clear these blockages by sucking it back up the pipe and into a holding tank on the truck. This means rubbish is not flushed down the pipework only to commence another build up (or a number of build-ups) further down the pipe or conduit.

If you have any concerns at all whether your drains or sewer pipes are affected with silt build up or root invasion, get onto it now before it is too late. Using vacuum excavation means we will not have to dig up your property and there is no need to replace pipes or conduits simply because of a blockage. Don’t let the build-up get any worse than it is already. Our vacuum excavation service is definitely the quickest, cleanest and most economical option for you to remedy any blockages regardless of how big or small.

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