Vacuum Truck Industry Terminology

The Australian love of slang is perhaps unparalleled anywhere in the world. Adding a rich vocabulary of original words to the world's Englishes it stands to reason that over the years of service in the domestic, commercial, industrial and local Government projects the vacuum truck industry has been afforded a number of colloquial terms.

Here are a few of them;

Vacuum Trucks

Sucker Trucks

Vac Trucks

Vacuum Excavators

Narrow Trench Diggers

NDD (Non Destructive Digging)

NDD Trucks

Non Destructive Diggers

Limited Access Excavators

Vacuum Tanker

Sewer Sucker

Cyclone Suckers

Vacuum Excavation Trucks

Vacuum Digger

Vac Diggers

Vacuum Trenching


 I am sure there will be more out there and I guess there will be even more to come.

Only in Australia . Oi Oi Oi 



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