Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging method which uses high powered vacuum suction machines in conjunction with a high pressure air lance of water source.  Typically, vacuum excavation loosens the soil and then immediately vacuums away the loosened material.  This process greatly reduces the risk of loss of property and injury to workers associated with contacting or cutting underground utilities. 

As the use of sucker trucks (vacuum trucks) has become more widespread, more advanced in technology and more affordable, it has become considered in many areas as ‘Best Practice’ for locating and excavating around underground services. 

NDD (non-destructive digging) using sucker trucks for vacuum excavation is a fast and cost effective method for more than just locating and excavating underground services.  It can also be an excellent choice for trenching, pit cleaning, pier hole cleaning, digging post holes for fences and signs, and even de-watering a water logged construction site. 

The flexibility of vacuum excavation also allows it to be used for flushing/cleaning storm water pits and removing mud and soil which has built up as a result of drilling.

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