Narrow Trench Digging Services

Narrow trenches are often required for installing pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities.  Vacuum excavation (also known as hydro excavation) provides an exact and non-destructive trenching service on any kind of surface.  Traditional trenching equipment can potentially cause serious and costly damage by digging through existing underground services, and digging narrow trenches using manual labour is very time consuming and costly. 

Hydro excavation eliminates these problems and makes it easy and safe to install sprinkler systems, locate underground utilities and perform similar tasks without the risk of damaging previously installed utilities. 

It is ideal for digging trenches through right-of-ways and easements as the operator can safely dig around buried electrical, water, sewer, gas and communication conduits, pits and pipes that often run at varying depths and directions. 

Vacuum excavation allows precise trench digging with very little disturbance to surrounding soil and services. We use a combination of water pressure and vacuum suction to inject water into the ground and vacuum the resulting slurry directly into our debris tank, meaning that there is very little mess to contend with. 

By using our narrow trench digging services, the costs for backfill, concrete encasement and asphalt patching are also greatly reduced.

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