Limited Access Excavation Services

There are many areas where it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get access to with standard excavation machinery.  However, our limited access excavation services can solve this problem for you – any area that you can get a hose to can be accessed by our vacuum extraction hose.  This is a perfect solution for excavation in areas such as:

  • Sign hole footings on verges
  • Internal excavations in tanks or buildings
  • Shade sale footings in courtyards
  • Telecommunications cabling through walkways and courtyards
  • Removal of materials from inside buildings or difficult to access backyards
  • Excavation of swimming pools or spa holes in areas that do not allow machine access

Vacuum extraction is a versatile, efficient and economical alternative to manual labour in all difficult to access areas – built up areas, small courtyards, highly congested pedestrian or vehicle traffic areas, even areas with overhead obstructions are all able to be accessed with our powerful 60 metre vacuum extraction hose. 

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