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After working in the industry since 2005, Vacuum Excavation Services Brisbane was established in 2008 as a family business serving the SE Queensland community. Our experienced operator/s are trained to provide safe, non-destructive means of excavation together with the protection of underground assets and infrastructure. This is clearly the safest way to excavate around your home .. and possibly the most economic.


Vacuum Excavation Services Brisbane
Servicing Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast

What is vacuum excavation? What's the difference between that and a digger? Whilst our latest vacuum excavation technology services are extensive, in short terms, Vacuum Excavation Services Brisbane provide a range of safe and efficient, non-destructive, none invasive excavation and underground utility location services. It means;

No diggers or tractor units damaging your lawns

No requirement for you to take down fences to let machinery into your property

No messy yards with piles of unwanted dirt

No long term machinery occupancy of your home

No filling your home with engine smoke and fumes

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